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Reggae on the way

South Tacoma Way's first annual block party

Ballyhoo playing on South Tacoma Way this weekend. Photo credit:

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One thing I have found out about Tacoma is that this city is full of surprises. Around every corner there is something new to eat, drink, or hear that you have never experienced before. Sometimes it's just out of sight, and out of mind, but when we finally see it for the first time, we feel dumb for not knowing it was there to begin with.

Prime example of this is South Tacoma Way. A lot of us drive through it to go downtown without event thinking about what is on this strip of road. If we took a little more time to look around we would realize that Dawson's has live music six nights a week and the Airport Tavern has a live music almost every weekend. And it's all free. Danno, of Danno Presents is a man who saw this as a golden opportunity. If you're well enveloped in the music community in Tacoma you've probably heard of Danno Presents and all the amazing things he, and his team do for the community. Established in 2009, Danno Presents has rapidly become a top source for concert production, and an advocate for nightclubs. He is someone who sees the value of musicians, and the roll they can play in society.

This weekend, Danno Presents partnered with the Airport Tavern to feature South Tacoma Way with its first annual block party. Sunday South Tacoma Way is being blocked from 54th to 56th Street for Reggae On The Way. The street will be packed with live music, a beer garden, food trucks, and more. The music features 13 different bands from all over the Northwest. Ballyhoo, Tribal Theory, and Positive Rising just to name a few. We asked Danno why he chose South Tacoma Way for an event like this if downtown Tacoma is just down the road. "My goal with this event is to make people see South Tacoma Way for the music destination that it is." What a great way to feature this community. This event kicks off at 3 p.m. Tickets are $40. Here is to Reggae On The Way, and Danno Presents, may this be first of many. Cheers!

Reggae On The Way, Sunday, July 30, 3 p.m.-11 p.m., South Tacoma Way, 54th-56th St., Tacoma, $40,

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