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The Rockford Files: Analogue Resurgence Tour

Bands, films and the 8-Track Mind Magazine

Go Pills will perform Sept. 6 at Northern in Olympia. Photo courtesy of Facebook

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All-ages venue Northern in Olympia hosts a cool event Friday, Sept. 6. Follow me on this one. The evening's event - deemed "Analogue Resurgence Tour" and brought to you by Three Peas Records - will be a musical and cinematic collaboration between the very talented Russ Forster and Skizz Cyzyk. Attendance at this special event will grant you performances from bands Rakehell and Go Pills, fronted by Forster and Cyzyk, respectfully, a viewing of a film created by the two, as well as a new issue of Forster's 8-Track Mind Magazine.

Told you.

Recording of Rakehell's record Pure Pop Poison began in 2001. Initial sessions were done with legendary recording engineer Larry Crane - known for his work with Death Cab For Cutie, Elliot Smith and The Decemberists. After more than a decade of work, the record was released late last year. I don't expect you to read my detailed description of the record Pure Pop Poison, a list of notable tracks or highlights of the album. Rather, what I expect is for you to drop a needle -Pure Pop Poison is a vinyl-only release.

Also performing Sept. 6 will be Go Pills, Cyzyk's eclectic musical project centered around his electric ukulele and an ever-changing band lineup. Performing in styles from punk to western swing, the group will be joined by Forster as a back-up member. Cyzyk will return the favor, joining Rakehell for several numbers.

What makes the Analogue Resurgence Tour crazy cool is the release of a new issue of a magazine that has been out-of-print for more than a decade. 8-Track Mind Magazine, a publication that began in 1990 and was dedicated to 8-track tapes and other analogue mediums, will be available at Northern. Founded in Chicago and edited by Russ Forster, the publication quickly spread. By 1993 the idea for a film version of the magazine became the 16mm documentary So Wrong They're Right. With cornerstones such as "State of the art is in the eye of the beholder" and "Innovation alone will not replace beauty," the magazine will bring back the looped culture.

More information about 8 Track Mind Magazine can be found at

If you'd like to buy Rakehell's Pure Pop Poison, a vinyl copy can be purchased at

ANALOGUE RESURGENCE TOUR, 8 p.m., Friday, Sept. 6, The Northern, 414 ½ Legion Way, Olympia, $5

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