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Lemolo and "The Kaleidoscope Dance" is a celebration of beauty

That kaleidoscopic shimmer

You will experience love at this show. Photo courtesy of Facebook

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The past couple of years have been exciting ones for Lemolo. Last year, in particular, saw the release of the Seattle duo's debut LP, The Kaleidoscope - an appropriate title, evocative as it is of the band's dreamy, summery shimmer. Capitalizing on the steam that Lemolo had been building up, The Kaleidoscope cemented them as one of the more buzzed-about bands in the Seattle scene, and landed them on year-end lists, including being named the number one best new band in Seattle by City Arts.

But Lemolo started out simply enough, with an unassuming collaboration for a battle of the bands competition.

"In 2009, I was performing in a battle of the bands contest at Seattle University," says Lemolo guitarist, keyboardist and vocalist Meagan Grandall. "I had always performed that battle by myself, just playing singer-songwriter stuff, so in my senior year, I really wanted to have a bigger sound, so I put together a band. I found Kendra Cox, and some other friends, and formed a band for that. It ended up being so much fun, playing music together, that we stuck with it, and after college we decided to try and make a career out of it."

What dominates the music of Lemolo is an unabashed prettiness. If any word were to be used in Lemolo's description, it would have to be that one: it's just darn pretty. Foremost is Grandall's tender voice, which lilts above the moody atmosphere of keyboards and reverb-rich guitars. Cox lends indispensable texture through her washes of keys and tastefully reserved drums.

Of course, this is all how it sounds on The Kaleidoscope. As a performing duo, though, Lemolo have had to adapt to the differences inherent in the live setting. But, on Saturday, July 6, Lemolo will be performing the entirety of The Kaleidoscope, live on stage, as close to the sound of the record as possible. This is because they will be joined onstage by two dance troupes: The BareFoot Collective and MLKBallet.

"I've gone to some of the dance rehearsals, so I know it's going to be really beautiful," says Grandall. "(Barefoot Collective and MLKBallet) have been spending the last two months choreographing the dances to our album, so they've been holed up doing that, just to our album, separate from us. And we've been holed up, trying to basically relearn how to perform our album exactly as it is, since that's what they're using. So, we have to make sure that we're spot on with the tempo, and we've got some other vocalists help fill in and create all the harmonies, and background vocals."

Being asked to recreate your own album, to the letter, is an interesting task. After an album has been released, and you've toured the music through venues for over a year, the songs tend to morph and become something different. Having to then recreate these earlier sounds effectively turns you into a tribute band of yourself. Saturday will show how up Lemolo are to the task, but what is not a question is that the show will celebrate beauty just as much as The Kaleidoscope does, and Lemolo continue to do.

Titled The Kaleidoscope Dance, Saturday's performance may even have a better moniker than Lemolo's own album. All of the visions that dance in your head when you listen to Lemolo's music will be made corporeal and brought about to move on a stage.

LEMOLO AND THE KALEIDOSCOPE DANCE, w/ The Barefoot Collective, MLKBallet, 7 p.m., Saturday, July 6, Urban Grace, 902 Market St, Tacoma, $5-$22, 253.272.2184

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