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Death By Stars helps ring in autumn equinox

LOCAL SHOW: Patrick Galactic, Cherry Danger and Juan El Revelator make up the Tacoma band Death By Stars, who will rock the New Frontier Lounge on Saturday. Photo by Andrew Ryznar

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Music is therapeutic. People need it. It carves out pain, explores pathways of inspiration, exudes primal intentions and words never do it justice.

Take the Tacoma band Death By Stars, for example. The music the band produces hits those sweet spots in the psyche that can only be reached by an extreme love of the way notes, chords, voices, keyboards, beats, loops, skips and heart collide.

The threesome, Patrick Galactic, Cherry Danger and Juan El Revelator, are continually reaching those sweet spots in their home base of Tacoma and beyond.

Most recently, the band released its first single, "Le Voyeur." And yes, it was partially named for the campy little venue in Olympia.

"We played an amazing show there in May," Galactic says. "The crowd was just amazing, and it added an interesting perspective on the lyrics."

"We really are inspired by our environment," adds Danger. "It's so much about being a voyeur."

Post-rock, electo-punk, shoegaze, trip-hop, future punk, whatever you want to call them, Death By Stars creates danceable, sweet, loud and relatable music.

"We have a collective form," said Danger. "We're art freaks and when we start vibing, the music streamlines - it's so fun."

The band has a strong onstage presence that is a continuation of the band's heady, out-of-this-world music. Music flashes in time, and you can tell that if the band members didn't have to have control of their instruments they would be exploding with enormous dance moves.

"Our message is really about unity and love," Danger says.

"But it's also about limitations," Galactic chimed in. "Wanting unity, but being pulled by the environment - it's that dichotomy finding itself."

You can catch Death By Stars in all their cosmic glory on Saturday at New Frontier in Tacoma. The show will follow the first-ever Lumin Lantern Parade, a procession of illuminated art forms that will grace downtown T-town in celebration of the autumn equinox. The lantern parade begins at 8:30 p.m. on Broadway. The parade is part of Broadway Center's Fall Free For All, a free community event that showcases music, dance, drama, film and children's activities.

The after hours party at New Frontier also includes performances by Kaletron and Xylophones. All three bands fit perfectly into the light, love and freedom of creative expression that the festival and parade encompass. Except it's at a bar, so libations can be part of the festivities, as Death By Stars and guests take partiers on stellar musical ride into the night.

[Death By Stars, Kaletron, Xylophones, 9 p.m., $5, New Frontier Lounge, 301 East 25th Street, Tacoma, (253) 572-4020]

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