Olympia’s own Q-Storm’s brews up new album

By Nick Leonard on May 21, 2012

Q-Storm, aka Floyd Noodles, has been an active member of the Olympia hip-hop scene since it really started booming in the late 1990s.  He has also been one of the few and wise that from the start has consistently released new music to the public, making it difficult for him to become an afterthought. With one official solo album under his belt and numerous group releases, (JunkYard Gang / Hostalion / Villains of the Lord) Q is now preparing to release his latest effort, "Quantum Leap." Q has always brought a unique blend of conscious hip-hop and the streets to his music, which throughout the years has allowed him to attract a wide variety of listeners.  Over the past 10 to 15 years he has not only grown up as an artist, but has shown signs of maturity as an individual, which should make for an interesting and exciting release.

Q always had a passion for hip-hop, and after moving from Walla Walla to Olympia in 1997, he started living the hip-hop life when he met a group of B-Boys at his new high school in Olympia.  Q was extremely dedicated to break dancing for about two years but eventually lost interest due to his newfound love for writing raps.  He got his start by writing battle raps in classes and passing them off to friends in the hallways in between. Over time, this led to him entering organized emcee battles and also gave him an incredible passion for writing music.

Establishing a name for himself early in his career by being a part of the knucklehead/battle rap crew Hostalion, Q always shined when he would enter battles, but he quickly realized he wanted to do much more then that.  He knew he had a knack for writing and wanted to put those talents to use. 

Over the past decade he has done so by being a part of at least a half dozen recorded projects and two more albums he has yet to release.  To this day he continues to write music on a daily basis, whether it's for something he's going to put out or writing just for fun. 

Q plans to release his new album "Quantum Leap" within the next few months, and admits that although the album is fully complete there are a few adjustments he'd like to make before officially doing so.  Be on the lookout for his new release and swing by one of his upcoming shows because you might be able to get a copy of the album sooner then expected.