WHAT'S THE WORD?: Third Eye Theory, CityHall and 253HipHop.com

Another week in South Sound hip-hop

By Josh Rizeberg on August 17, 2011

This week we review Third Eye Theory's new compilation release, Sorry For the Weight, which is available for free download on the Internet. The album has a dirty, underground, humorous vibe throughout, evident in the cover artwork and in Abadawn's funny, weird, nasty and humorous intro to the effort. Once the music starts, though, it's well done, moody, underground, lyrical hip-hop. The MCs featured on the album push the envelope creatively. Catch local favorites Rockwell Powers, Graves and many others wrecking it throughout the tracks. Sorry For the Weight is a high-quality summer release that I do recommend.

Next up we have CityHall, a group seriously adding to the heat-index this summer with some monster single releases and some really good show looks in Seattle. CityHall has aligned itself with the rap-promotion monsters from Seattle, Members Only. Members Only puts on shows and runs blogs, basically recommending quality local hip-hop to the Seattle fans. The connection has garnered CityHall some quality shows to the north. To add fuel to the CityHall fire, the group recently dropped two new songs, "Street Fashion" and "Trouble On My Mind." "Street Fashion" is a hilarious take on trendy clothes. Both MCs -  EvergreenOne and Todd Sykes - spit nice over a funky beat. Then there's "Trouble On My Mind," featuring John Crown. CityHall flips its style on this one. With the help of the harder Crown, EvergreenOne and Sykes get dark and demented for a second, showing a little anger in this new single. All three artists murder the track. It's a new sound for CityHall, much harder but still happy-go-lucky in a just kicking it kind of way.

A R Mastamind also just leaked a track, "Flatline," off his upcoming album Jack and Coke. Check out the song at www.soundcloud.com/a-r-mastermind. Mastamind big-ups his no-nonsense lifestyle and also shouts out fellow local MCs who are major in the scene. The beat features a piano riff yet goes hard.

Lastly, let me hip ya to a good way to get to know the local hip-hop scene. It's an online bulletin called www.253hiphop.com - a place to find upcoming shows, download new releases, and an on-line community to bitch, moan, congratulate, hate and/or love the local-scene. Log-on and become a member if you're not already!

LINK: Live music in the South Sound