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Young At Art Gallery seeks submissions

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Are you running out of wall space for your child's artistic creations? Have papers covered with colorful crayon images covering every horizontal surface throughout your home? Can't bring yourself to toss any of junior's masterpieces?

Here's a cool alternative to the recycling bin: Opening in June, the Young At Art Gallery, located at 2701 N 21st St. in Tacoma's north end, will feature the work of young local artists.

The brainchild of Kim Tosch, the Young At Art Gallery's mission is to "locate, encourage and support the development of young, talented artists and those who simply love to make art."

Children ages 5 to 18 are encouraged to submit original works of art for sale on commission. So not only can you clear some wall and counter space, but your child might be able to earn a little spending money through their own creative efforts as well.

Ms. Tosch not only hopes to provide a space for kids to display and sell their art, but plans to host regular events such as themed exhibits, patron-supported silent auctions, and opportunities for children to meet and learn from visiting artists.

"I am very excited about the gallery," says Tosch, "and I hope it will become a community project."

To submit your child's best work, click

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