The Midnight Sky (2020)

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5.3 out of 10 (view IMDb page)

This post-apocalyptic tale follows Augustine, a lonely scientist in the Arctic, as he races to stop Sully and her fellow astronauts from returning home to a mysterious global catastrophe.

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MPAA Rating:
PG-13 for some bloody images and brief strong language
118 Minutes
drama, fantasy, sci-fi, thriller
George Clooney
Lily Brooks-Dalton

Weekly Volcano's Review

Richard Roeper on December 23rd, 2020

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As a space station heads back to Earth in 2049, a catastrophe wipes out most of humanity, and a survivor in the Arctic (George Clooney, who also directs) attempts to warn its crew not to come home. With breathtaking and sometimes haunting visuals, a bittersweet story and a beautiful and heart-stopping finale, this is one of the very best films of 2020. - Four stars

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