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JBLM updates for Covid-19

As of April 8 ... PCS delayed to July? Deployments extended?

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Your daily update on JBLM and the impacts of COVID-19. Here is your April 8 update (based on JBLM releases & more

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>> Here is new info from a Facebook Live Townhall yesterday with I Corps and JBLM Commander Lt. Gen. Randy George:

>> Units currently deployed could be extended.  George expects to know those results in a couple weeks.

>> Pathways is not officially cancelled.  However, new dates are not known at this time.

>> The base is resubmitting denied exceptions to move for those stuck in PCS limbo, however, George said those decisions are made by DC.  There is no further information on timelines.

>> There is not any clear guidance on MEB, but if personnel do not want to retire without a disability rating, delaying retirements are extended currently until Novemver 2020.

>> Soldiers will be issued face coverings - here is an update

>> PCSing may not start until July – see story HERE:

>> Could there be a Stop Loss? It is being considered – story HERE:

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