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Careers in the aviation field

The Aviation Institute of Maintenance (AIM) provides extensive training for those seeking a career in the field. Photo courtesy AIM

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The sky truly is the limit in building a career in the growing aviation maintenance field.

"We welcome all servicemembers who are interested in this career field," said Yvette Wilson, a business development representative for the Aviation Institute of Maintenance (AIM).

"This is a high-interest in-demand field, and AIM is here to help interested individuals achieve their dreams."

AIM is a network of aviation maintenance schools with 13 campuses coast-to-coast. These sites are located in the following major metropolitan areas: Dallas and Houston, Texas; Indianapolis, Indiana; Kansas City, Missouri; Las Vegas, Nevada; Manassas, Virginia; Fremont, California; Orlando, Florida; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Norfolk and Chesapeake, Virginia; Atlanta, Georgia; and Washington, D.C.

"We hope to have a school in the Seattle-Tacoma area within two years or less," continued Wilson.

With the Boeing Company just north of here, it stands to reason that AIM will open another campus sooner rather than later.

In the 2019 Boeing Pilot & Technician Outlook report, it projects that 769,000 new maintenance technicians will be needed to maintain the world's fleet over the next two decades.

The report also pointed out that over the next 20 years, airlines will employ 266,000 technicians in the Asian-Pacific region, 193,000 in North America, 69,000 in the Middle East, 52,000 in Latin America, 27,000 in Africa, and 25,000 in Russia.

It also stated that as several hundred thousand pilots and technicians reach retirement age over the next decade, educational outreach and career opportunities will be essential to meet the labor need.

"Aircraft maintenance is an opportunity that will appeal to some veterans," continued Wilson. "They make great students and employees because they possess the discipline, drive and desire to pursue their career dreams."

The median annual wage for technicians was $63,000 in 2018; the highest 10 percent earned more than $98,000.

To become a certified aircraft maintenance technician, AIM offers a complete range of courses ( that takes approximately 22 months to complete.

Wilson pointed out that the institute offers comprehensive student support assistance and guidance from the first day of class through graduation.

To help fund a transitioning servicemember's education, AIM participates in the Veteran's Education Benefits program ( and works in conjunction with the Veterans Administration.

Wilson encourages all active-duty, reservists and veterans using their veterans benefits to visit their Educational Services Officer (EOS) or counselor before enrolling to evaluate their options and benefits under the GI Bill.

"AIM's career services department also offers job placement assistance to all eligible students, graduates and alumni in good standing," added Wilson.

"This is a growing and exciting career field; the sky is the limit."

For more information, prospective students can contact Wilson at To learn more about the Aviation Institute of Maintenance, visit: or call 1.888.FIX.JETS.

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