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Tradition and the Google Cloud

Finding a place where you can find civilian employment opportunities is very important to transitioning servicemembers. Photo credit: U.S. Army

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For servicemembers preparing to make the transition into the civilian job force, having an idea about where to find employment is an important part of the process. is a leader in helping veterans and their spouses make this change.

The site's services are free of charge to veterans.

Founded in 1998 by Drew Myers, a Marine veteran, is a nationwide, full-service military-to-civilian recruiting firm.

"Our goal is to engage transitioning and civilian-experienced military veteran men and women in the most meaningful way," he wrote on the site.

To do this, tradition is served.

In helping veterans, has partnered with HireVetsFirst and the American Legion to host traditional hiring fairs across the nation.

In addition, when veterans, reservists, transitioning military personnel and military family members register on RecruitMilitary's job board, they can access over 837,000 jobs posted by 9,500 companies looking to hire veterans.

Applicants can upload a current resumé, and they can search for jobs in their area or by their work interests.

But the road to employment also leads through the Google Cloud.

To further strengthen their efforts, collaborates with Google Cloud to integrate artificial intelligence into the job board in order to match job-seekers preferences with their experience and interests.

Google Cloud has developed the Cloud Talent Solution that allows users to search by their military occupational codes.

Since introducing the program, Google has seen a 13 percent increase in veteran job-seeker applications, and search volume by users is up by more than 10 percent.

Side-by-side comparisons on the job board have delivered 50 percent more potential positions for veteran job-seekers to consider.

"This functionality will make it easier for veterans ... to find the next step in their careers within the civilian workforce," wrote Kelly Wagner on

As more veterans use this search feature, the solution integrates and understands that knowledge to help similarly-experienced veterans in the future.

"This is a great win for veteran job-seekers who want to find meaningful careers," continued Wagner.

"Employers will more quickly add great talent to drive their growth, and veterans will have more relevant options at their fingertips."

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