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Coffin Break

Saturday, June 19, Hell's kitchen

Coffin Break

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For a long time, the only Coffin Break songs I had in my possession were "Kill The President," and covers of "Free Bird" and "We Can Work It Out." I had no idea where these stood in their popular songs – I was younger than 10 in their heyday of live shows in the early '90s.

Suffice to say, when their encore ran "Kill the President"/"Free Bird"/"We Can Work It Out," I was pretty pleased. Bassist Rob Skinner did insist that they like our president now – "Kill The President" originated in the days of Bush: Generation One – but that did not stop the song.

Of all the '90s bands I've seen over the last few months, Coffin Break got the shortest end of the nostalgia stick by far, barely half-filling the pit. They didn't seem to take it personally, though, and rocked on through to the small but excited crowd, complete with Skin Yard T-shirts and other signs of the Seattle '80s and '90s.

Peter Litwin still rocks out the metal-tinged guitar riffs. And Rob Skinner is still a goofy bastard. It's just unfortunate for everyone that they chose a night that so much of the local music crowd was engaged in the Grit City Fest, and lacked the time for these bastions of pre-Nevermind Seattle rock.

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