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Sasquatch! 2010: Day Three

Jaguar Love meshed dance vibes with glam and venom

Jaguar Love performed May 31 at Sasquatch! Music Festival. Photography by Jennifer Driscoll

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An aura of calm swept over the Gorge Monday morning - at least in the early hours - as lines to get in on the final day of Sasquatch! slowly grew outside the gates, and the hardcore types, most of whom had slept in the dirt for the past two nights, tried to muster the energy for the last indie hurrah of Memorial Day Weekend. It would have been serine, had trash not littered the ground, neon ruled the wardrobe decisions and the average age and blood alcohol level both hovered right around 21 (give or take a decimal).
In this haze, Jaguar Love pounced - the first act of the day on the Honda Bigfoot Solar Stage. From the first shrieking, feminine wails of Jaguar Love frontman Johnny Whitney (no offense intended - something tells me this isn't the first time Whitney's vocals have been described as girlish - albeit definitely a girl hell-bent on rocking the fuck out of you, then maybe helping you dress a little better) it was obvious the band was nowhere near as ravaged as the crowd, despite the fact Jaguar Love had played The Den @ UrbanXchange the previous evening. As the band has built its name on, dance vibes meshed hectically with glam and plenty of venom - even if it is the sort of contemporary venom that feels a little plastic, or at the very least not built to last.
If Jaguar Love's Tacoma show at The Den Sunday evening was anything like what Whitney and guitarist Cody Votolato whipped up in the wee-hours of the final day of Sasquatch! - a blistering, volatile, scream heavy assault that certainly had the cajones to make fans of the duo's former band, the Blood Brothers, smile - I was happy for the fact the youthful ears of my hometown - kids who weren't at the Gorge adhering to the Day-Glo dress code and choosing LCD Soundsystem over Pavement, or Miike Snow over The Hold Steady - got to experience it.
I spent the rest of the day simply feeling old and out of place.

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ML said on Jun. 02, 2010 at 12:12am

All three days of your Sasquatch "reviews" consist of you bashing the crowd. We get it. You think that drunk twentysomethings dressed in neon are stupid and our future is doomed. Now get over it and talk about the music.

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PF said on Jun. 02, 2010 at 11:28am

These reviews are ridiculous. All you do is as ML put it bash the crowd, while its pretty apparent from reading this you were the lamest one there. Stop complaining about the trash and the people, its a F-ing festival.

User Photo

Ann said on Jun. 02, 2010 at 2:53pm

That's it? You're only reviewing one band for the entire day after many great performances? What a let down.

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Owen said on Jun. 03, 2010 at 1:58pm

You, sir, are a winging, bitter old man. Cut your teen angst nostalgia and realize the your halcyon days of youth are WELL behind you, then get on with your review. Though I agree with you about your beer gripes (namely, the cost), I do believe that a new intrepid reporter should be on the scene next year.

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