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It's not just for breakfast

Legendary Doughnuts in Tacoma’s Sixth Avenue neighborhood sells “Oprah” doughnuts topped with bacon. Photo credit: Pappi Swarner

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Guess what food this is with the following clues: it's what's for breakfast (and dinner, lunch, snacks, dessert, drinks, grooming, smelling and more).

So, if you guessed bacon, well winner, winner, BACON dinner!

You KNOW what bacon is. And chances are, you probably LOVE it. It doesn't matter where you come from or where you land, bacon is the universal beloved food of many and speaks to the masses with its crispy, salty food goodness.

So, for those of you who are new to the South Puget Sound, here's a mini-guide to unique and unusual local bacon magic that go beyond the burger and standard breakfast fare.

Appetite and adventuresome spirit at the ready? Great, let's go!

Bacon Candy: Tacoma's iconic Dirty Oscar's Annex, is food-famous for many things, however, it's "Bacon Candy" is utterly delectable (thick cut bacon doused and cooked with brown sugar). Said bacon candy can be found in the eclectic "Dead Elvis Burger" (name says it all) and more eclectic eats.

Bacon Cheesy Fries: This late night staple food at Tacoma's lively Crown Bar is pure bacon madness. In house made fries cooked to perfection and topped with glorious bacon and oozing white cheddar.

Bacon Doughnuts: Legendary Doughnuts of Tacoma, Auburn and Covington, feature two ridiculously bacon inspired doughnut style treats. The "Oprah" is a maple-glazed doughnut bar topped with crisp bacon bits and "Coasties" are glazed doughnuts filled with English Coastal Cheddar and crisp bacon pieces that are deep fried inside. Hello calories, goodbye waistline.

Bacon Ice Cream: Ice Cream Social, in Tacoma's 6th Avenue Business District, has taken bacon to a new level, ice cream-style. One of their signature rotating flavors is their uber-popular salted caramel topped with candied bacon bits. Now THAT is the definition of sweet ‘n' salty perfection.

Bacon Hot Dogs: Putting bacon on a hot dog isn't really anything new, but The Red Hot (Tacoma's most awesome place to grab a dog and a brew) offers two unique spins on a bacon hot dog.  The Tacoma Boys BLT is the classic bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo featuring a hot dog and the other-worldly good Hound Dog is a hot dog, topped with two crisp slices of bacon and slathered in peanut butter (yes, really).

Bacon Festivals: For those of you who LOVE a choice bacon cheeseburger paired with a refreshing bottle of beer, this local bacon activity is designed for both of your food and beverage true loves. The city to the north (Seattle) is offering up a stadium size bacon and beer party! "The Bacon and Beer Classic" takes place on May 2, 2015 at Safeco Field. Great bacon inspired eats and treats and craft beer samples will await you. Check out the details here,

Bacon to Buy: Here's an example of where you can buy some choice bacon to cook up on your own. Proper British Bacon (located in Auburn and Port Townsend,, has all the meaty bacon goodness you can imagine. Here's a little bacon education: American style bacon is from the belly of the pig. Canadian style bacon is from the loin of the pig and British style bacon is a combo of American and Canadian (it's the fatty part of the loin that attaches to the belly). Proper British Bacon has these varieties and so much more.  And speaking of a lesson in bacon. ...

Makin' Bacon: Learn to make your own bacon (even do the butchering too). Here are two places that offer the ultimate behind the bacon scenes experiences. The Olympia Meat Collective offers pig butchery classes ( and the Harbor Homestead continuing education courses offered through Tacoma Community College ( have offered meat smoking and butchery classes.

Everything Bacon but the Kitchen Sink (well, actually maybe the sink too): This Seattle-based company, J & D Foods, Inc. (, takes bacon products to a whole new level. Two dudes with their winnings from America's Funniest Home Videos (not kidding) invested their prize money into a bacon-flavored business. They started by making bacon-flavored salt. People were crazy for the salt and sales were literally sizzling. This led to the creation of delicious staples of bacon-flavored mayo, bacon popcorn, bacon croutons and bacon ranch dressing, to the, well, unusual, like bacon lip balm and bacon-scented shaving cream. To see it, is to believe it - check out their website above.

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