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Best of Olympia 2013 Readers' Pick: Best new band - Full Moon Radio

The girls also just started their own label - Rock Therapy Records

FULL MOON RADIO: High-energy rock for the win. Photo credit: Winter Teems

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I feel like these babes really get it - Ali Baker owns the bass and vocals, Jessie Jackson rakes that guitar and Sarah Lynn coaxes the drums right along. The combination is dazzling, with strong vocals, righteous lyrics, and a balance of instrumental heaviness and harmony, in other words, good fucking rock.

And yes, you'll want to sing along to Full Moon Radio.

It's been a whirlwind first year for the three ladies, who have played 25 shows in 12 months, recorded an EP, Drop Off, at Dub Narcotic Studios and now have been named Best New Band in Olympia. 

"We've worked really hard - we busted our asses last year - and the community noticed," says Jackson.

"Yeah, we're super appreciative," chimed in Baker and Lynn.

The three have past projects together, including She Wolf and Vertebrae by Vertebrae, but there's always been a fourth member, and it's always been a guy. 

"We just decided to kick the guys out," laughs Lynn.

They agree in all seriousness that it's damn near impossible to find a woman-fronted band, let alone all members being of the female variety. 

"I think people have taken notice of our band because we're female - all-female rock bands are hard to find," says Jackson.

"I'm just so glad we're in Oly where there are places to play," says Baker. 

Full Moon Radio is about to do a mini-tour, Drop Off, that kicks off March 5. 

The girls want to know if I can plug their wish for a roadie to come with them. 

"You can't want to sleep with us," says Lynn, laughing. "You just have to want to be there and have an awesome time."

FULL MOON RADIO: Photo credit Winter Teems

The girls also just started their own label, Rock Therapy Records.

"Instead of waiting around for a label, I thought, ‘Sometimes you just have to take matters into your hands,'" says Jackson.

They are in the songwriting process now, and hope to release an album next year. 

And if you love Full Moon Radio as much as I do, be a dear, and go roadie for them.

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