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Valentine's Day 2012: Duke's Chowder House menu

It's all about Love & Romance

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3327 Ruston Way, Tacoma, WA 98402



It's all about Love & Romance

Valentine's Day is all about Love, Romance and Aphrodisiacs.  We offer the items below to stimulate your Valentine's Celebration and enhance your love relationship.

Let's Start the Romance Dungeness Crab & Prawn Cocktail
Fresh Washington Dungeness Crab and herb Wild Mexican White Prawns,chilled and served with Duke's pepper infused vodka cocktail sauce and a hint of citrus vinaigrette    13.90 L  14.90 D
Prawns are known to cause arousal and increased sexual desire. 

Aphrodite would be proud.

You Mean the World to Me Dungeness Crab "Un"Cake Appetizer aka "Baby Uncake"
Lots of crab, cake not so much. Loaded with fresh Dungeness Crab, grilled and served with a zesty lime aioli and organic field greens with citrus vinaigrette.   11.90 L  12.20 D
If Venus were here, she'd recommend eating them in order to strengthen your love bond.

I'll Take You to Heaven Oysters
Fresh Washington Oysters pan fried and served with a wasabi aioli, housemade tartar sauce, crispy ginger slaw and sweet potato fries. 14.90 L  17.90 D
Oysters were documented as an aphrodisiac by the Romans.

Very Crabby but Oh So Happy Mac n Cheese Combo
Fresh Dungeness Crab with fresh herbs and a hint of fennel in garlic cream with marscapone, parmesan, asiago, Jarslberg and Tillamook extra sharp cheddar cheeses.  Served with your choice of any starter salad. 18.90 L  19.90 D
When you order this dish, you won't be crabby. Far from it, you'll fall in love at first sight.

Honey I Love You Dungeness Crab "Un"Cakes
Lots of crab, cake not so much. Loaded with fresh Dungeness Crab, grilled and served with a zesty lime aioli and organic field greens with citrus vinaigrette.   $21.90 L $23.20 D
The zesty lime aioli would have stimulated the ancient Egyptians who constantly searched to sweeten their love relationship.

Marry Me I Love You Copper River Coho & Stuffed Prawns Combo
Pan seared Salmon, topped with honey Dijon sauce, baked with bread crumbs along with Wild Mexican White Prawns stuffed with fresh Dungeness Crab served with organic fingerling potatoes and herb rubbed fresh winter vegetables.  Salmon is high in omega-3s which keeps romantic hormone production at its peak.

Pasta Please Me Again and Again
House made Gnocchi pasta tossed with Wild Mexican White Prawns, fresh Washington Dungeness Crab and shiitake mushrooms in a roasted tomato garlic cream sauce with Parmesan and Asiago cheeses.  Garlic is said to stir sexual desires.  Make sure you and your partner share it together.

Fill Me With Love Top Sirloin with Crab & Bernaise
6 oz broiled Grass Fed Top Sirloin with béarnaise sauce, fresh Dungeness Crab, organic fingerling potatoes and herb rubbed fresh .  Crab could get a Roman or Greek so twisted up romantically that they didn't know their own name. $21.90 L $23.20 D

Healthy and Long Lasting Lovin Grass Fed Cheeseburger
Tillamook EXTRA sharp white cheddar - no one else does EXTRA
12.20 | Duke Jr. 8.30 L    13.20 | Duke Jr. 8.30 D
Duke's offers the best tasting Grass Fed Burger in the World. Tastier and healthier.  Cupid would recommend this to anyone interested in finding the perfect mate.

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