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Super Best of Tacoma 2011 Readers' Picks: The Arts

Readers picked Save Our Sonics Guy, King's Books, Engine House No. 9, Mark Lindquist, Joe Rosati and others ...

Best Local Comedian: Kris "Save Our Sonics Guy" Brannon / Photo credit: J.M. Simpson

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Best Local Comedian: Kris "Save Our Sonics Guy" Brannon

Best Local Theater Group: Tacoma Little Theatre

Best Actor: Joe Rosati

Best Actress: (five-way tie) Ashley Cozine, Danelle Jaegar,  Emilie Shimkus, Kathy Hagen, Nyree Martinez  

Best Dance Company: MLKBallet

Best Public Art: The Glass Bridge

Best Art Gallery In Tacoma: Tacoma Art Museum

Best Visual Artist: Jesse Michener Photography

Best Creative Type: (tie) Angela Jossy and Lynn Di Nino

Best Local Author: Mark Lindquist

Best Trivia Night: Engine House No. 9

Best Literary Night: King's Books

Best Local Filmmaker: Adam "The Alien" Manley 

Best Movie Theater: The Grand Cinema

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