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Super Best of Tacoma 2011 Readers' Picks: Grit City

Readers chose Marilyn Strickland, CJ Johnson Bail Bonds, Museum of Glass, Downtown renovations and more ...

CJ Johnson Bail Bonds

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Best Good Politician: Marilyn Strickland

Best Bad Politician: Dale Washam

Best City of Tacoma Project: Downtown renovations

Best Local Hero: Vicci Martinez

Best Local Villain: Dale Washam

Best Bus Stop: Tacoma Dome Station

Best Friendly Face: Jaime Kay Jones

Best Hidden Gem: Secondhand Hound Pet Store

Biggest Nuisance for Downtown: Parking

Best Local Non-Profit/Charity: YMCA

Best Place to People Watch: Ruston Way

Best Bail Bonds: CJ Johnson Bail Bonds

Best Place to Stick a Big-Ass Digital Billboard: Nowhere!

Best Place to Take Out of Towners: Museum of Glass

Best Tacoma Blog: Exit133

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