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Super Best of Tacoma 2011 Readers' Picks: Eat and Drink

Readers chose Vuelve A La Vida, Silk Thai Cafe, STINK, Puget Sound Pizza, The Red Hot and others ...

Best Sandwich: MSM Deli II / Photo credit: Patrick Snapp

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Best Overall Restaurant: Pacific Grill

Best Mexican Restaurant: Vuelve A La Vida

Best Thai Restaurant: Silk Thai Cafe

Best New Restaurant: STINK Cheese + Meat

Best Bowl of Noodles: Vien Dong Restaurant

Best Sushi: TWOKOI Japanese Restaurant

Best Italian Restaurant: Pomodoro Italian Restaurant & Bar

Best Indian Restaurant: Gateway to India

Best Pizza: Puget Sound Pizza

Best Soup: Infinite Soups

Best Sandwich: MSM Deli II

Best Donut: Pao's Donut & Coffee Shop

Best Cheap Date: The Red Hot

Best Brunch: The Lobster Shop

Best Breakfast: Shakabrah Java

Best Late-Night Restaurant: Matador

Best Dessert: Corina Bakery & Bistro

Best Restaurant Service: Pacific Grill

Best Wine Bar: Cork! Wine Bar

Best Cup of Coffee: Satellite Coffee

Best Bar: Top of Tacoma Bar and Cafe

Best Cocktails: 1022 South

Best Barbecue: Famous Dave's

Best Selection of Beer: Parkway Tavern

Best Burger: Frisko Freeze

Best Gay/Lesbian Bar: The Mix

Best Dive Bar: Bob's Java Jive

Best Happy Hour: Pacific Grill

Best Chinese Restaurant: North China Garden

Best Sports Bar: The Loose Wheel Bar & Grill

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Bella said on Aug. 02, 2011 at 12:49pm

Great to see all the different categories, but including addresses would be so much easier for those of us not familiar.

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