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Tacoma's Most Sexy Chef: Gordon Naccarato

Pacific Grill

Gordon Naccarato, Pacific Grill/photo by Jason Ganwich

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First and foremost, I am a father of a beautiful daughter, Mariel, who is a talent agent living with her husband, Michael, in Los Angeles.

I'm a Tacoma boy, a Stadium High, and U of W grad; went to law school in LA; got into the restaurant biz 31 years ago and became a chef. Met some amazing people - moved to Aspen in ‘84 to open my first restaurant. Gwyneth's Dad - Bruce Paltrow - set me up. Food & Wine Magazine named me Top Ten Best New Chef in 1988; and Playboy said Gordon's Restaurant was "...the place to eat between the coasts."

I moved back to LA in 1990 to open the infamous Monkey Bar in Hollywood; then to Miami Beach to help open the Raleigh Hotel. Then I headed to New York for some consulting; back to Aspen; back to LA; then to Tacoma to open the Beach House.  I had always been a dream to open a restaurant with my brother, Steve. I loved the Beach House but it closed when no one wanted to eat in Purdy in the winter. It was like killing one of your children! So sad.

Now I'm a co-owner of Pacific Grill and our new PG Events Center next door. We are also the exclusive caterer for the Marriott.


Love/hate -When I left for college I thought I would never move back. Ever. But I love the physical beauty - the Sound, the islands and the mountain.


Someone who is comfortable with himself, who exudes confidence and intelligence. Flirting can be quite sexy - if done subtly. I love that rush, when eyes lock across a crowded bar. A sexy pair of expensive eyewear always gets my attention, and as my friend Warren always says, "At least you know he can read!"


As the saying goes, "Never believe your own publicity!" But if anything good were to come out of it, I would like to meet someone to start dating again. I have been single for nine months or so and I would like to change my relationship status on Facebook.


Great neighborhoods, The Theater District, Waddell Building, Tacoma's great old buildings, Cable Stay bridge, The 11th Street bridge, Narrows Bridge, Pt. Defiance, all our amazing museums - and hopefully the LeMay. ...


As a Chef and restaurant owner I get a fair number of guests that request, "Blackened Salmon Caesar Salad." Um, where did you read that on my menu? 


Would it be odd to nominate my dad, Stan? He has had a lifelong love affair with this town. He played Minor League at the Triple-A level for the Cincinnati Reds organization, as a pitcher, but an injury forced him to retire. He has devoted his entire life to business and charitable pursuits and promoting Tacoma.


I'm always in the kitchen at Pacific Grill. After that, hanging in the PG bar unwinding with my great kitchen staff and friends - then often at The Mix.

A SEXY PLACE FOR FOOD AND DRINKS: Pacific Grill, 1502 Pacific Ave., 253.627.3535,

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Twylia said on Mar. 01, 2010 at 11:55am

As a former Seattleite, I love that we have this caliber of restaurant in Tacoma - and that the food and the atmosphere are not pretentious, it is completely approachable and gloriously divine food! YAY! 11th Street Bridge and Tacoma's old buildings...nice selection of turn-ons!

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Ana Sierra said on Mar. 04, 2010 at 10:26am

I love it! You are soooo sexy in this photo (and otherwise) Gordon! I still miss the Beach house and loved it in the winter. It was perfect in and out. Our friend Juny introduced me to your place. I'm certain that something very good is coming your way as a result of this recognition. Bravo!

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Mary Rose Marcus-Morton 40th Reunion Organizer said on Apr. 27, 2012 at 8:24am

We loved you then-We love you now! From your Stadium High School Classmates/Friends of 1972 Tigers R Us!

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