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The Swiss presents jazz masters

Enjoy the jazz experience this Saturday

The Kareem Kandi Band performs this Saturday. Photo credit: Facebook

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I've had the blessing of growing up in a family of artists, musicians, and just pure visionaries. These are a group of people that have valued the ability to take apart the ugly aspects of life, and turn it to something beautiful. My aunt is an artist who has always had a strong appreciation for jazz. She has spent a fair amount of time in New Orleans, and over the years has collected a pretty amazing collection of jazz records. Years later I can still recall the purity of the sounds that came out of that old record player. You could really hear the artist's life story through these albums. All their struggles and victories were told through the sounds of brass instruments. I think in today's day and age we forget that jazz is just as alive as any genre of music.

Being a Tacoma native, you probably know about The Swiss and have been there more than once. Maybe you brought your family there, or you were just in the need for a night out. Maybe it's your bar and all you have to do is walk in for your drink to be ready. As an establishment The Swiss has been there since 1913. From 1913 all the way to the early 30's, The Swiss was the local creamery. Flash forward the building was remodeled in 1992 with the help of Jack McQuade, soul proprietor of The Swiss. When Jack started the remodel in ‘92, he really tried keeping the originality of the building. The barn doors are still fully functional, and opened in the summer. The brick that held the building in 1913 is the same brick that holds the building today. Along with being a staple of Tacoma, The Swiss is also a venue for local artist of all walks of life.

Coming to The Swiss this weekend is jazz masters, The Kareem Kandi Band with David Marriot. Kareem Kandi is a Northwest native, and like many musicians has very deep roots in Jazz. He received his Associates Degree in 1999 from Olympic College, and a Bachelors in jazz and composition in 2002. Since then Kareem and his saxophone have been traveling the world showcasing his passion for jazz. Kareem also partners with other musicians to put on a powerful show. On Saturday he is sharing the spotlight with master Trombonist, David Marriott. David has appeared on over 50 albums to include appearances on Broadway soundtracks. If you have never really experienced jazz to its fullest extent, check out The Swiss this Saturday. I think you'll be glad you did.

The Kareem Kandi Band, w/David Marriot, 5-9 p.m., Saturday, March 12, The Swiss, 1904 Jefferson Ave., Tacoma, admission free, 253.572.2821,   

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