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Best of Tacoma 2015: Best Local Hero

Sonics Guy

Kris Brannon carries the torch for the Supersonics. Photo courtesy of Facebook

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By day, Sonics Guy is mild-mannered Kris Brannon, who managed Comedy Underground Tacoma till 2013, then changed home bases to the Emerald City. Diehard champion for the Green and Gold, Brannon makes frequent appearances in vintage Supersonics gear, a sweet set of muttonchops, and an Afro that'd give Lucas Nogueira jealous fits. His mission: to bring the Seattle Supersonics NBA team back to Seattle - one sports enthusiast at a time.

Incidentally, in 2011, he waged a valiant campaign to make Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Not in Our House" the state song. Unfortunately, "it ain't that easy, G!" Ask the folks who tried and failed to replace "Washington, My Home" with "Louie Louie" in 1985. The war against our dorky 1959 anthem continues.

I talked to Brannon about the next phase of his epic crusade. "They're (The Sonics) not coming back. I know that," Brannon admits. "Everyone knows that. Hopefully the commissioner will grant the city an expansion franchise. That way Chris Hansen, the man of the hour, can start building his arena. He has the okay from King County and the Seattle City Council. He's got the money. The city would issue him a loan, but he'd pay that back with private money, with no real public money involved." I asked him how to keep the dream alive. "Petition the NBA commissioner, wear your Green and Gold once a week to show support, and be happy to see me when I'm at your event."

I also asked Brannon if he ever watches the Thunder. "I went to OKC games down in Portland in all my Sonics gear," he admits, "but I cheered the Blazers. I could only do it when they were on defense."

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