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The Rock And Roll Lodge and Steakhouse to open in Tacoma

Tacoma receives another venue for national touring acts

Totally makes sense a drum kit is upside down at The Rock And Rock Lodge. Photo courtesy of Facebook

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What do live rock, 32-ounce steaks and 99-cent beers have in common?


This will be the cohesive vibe of a new Tacoma restaurant, lounge and venue: The Rock and Roll Lodge and Steakhouse. Located at 9825 Pacific Ave., in the former home of the Delmonte's Sports Bar and Sea Galley.

The 6,800-square-foot space will be covered with rock memorabilia, including rare items like Kurt Cobain's sweater and an autographed Iron Maiden set list. Each wooden booth "lodge" will have its own rock theme, from Black Sabbath to Mother Love Bone. Other decorations include glass tabletops filled with fliers and ticket stubs, giant guitars hanging from the ceiling and a "hovering stage" above diners' heads.

"We took up every square inch of the place," chuckled owner Jeff Lacher. "We wanted it to be cool and unique ... It's like Seattle scene meets '80s Sunset Boulevard scene."

The actual stage will be filled with local acts as well as touring national bands. Tacoma's own Prophets of Addiction and a meet and greet with Boston are both on the calendar for December. Gilby Clarke of Guns N' Roses and Rock Star Supernova fame, is scheduled to perform at the Lodge in December, too.

"When we say rock ‘n' roll, people think hard rock or metal," said Lacher, who booked shows at the defunct Backstage Bar and Grill. "But there will be other aspects as well, like oldies, blues and newer age rock. There will be an '80s night once a month on weekends."

The lounge will sport a rock theme, too, but won't skimp on home team pride. Special events, including Monday Night football parties and promo models, are part of the plan. Original cocktails have been crafted with music in mind, such as "November Rain" and "It's Cherry Pie."

Speaking of the menu, breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served. Beginning at 6 a.m., traditional breakfasts and American food will be available, but the specialty will be steak, with everything from bargain dinners priced around $10 to top-of-the-line cuts for those special occasions.

Lacher says the inspiration for opening the rock lodge came from "being an ‘80s rock guy" and from visiting ‘50s diners with his parents when he was a kid and admiring the nostalgia that was invoked by the experience.

"It was great getting to go back to that time," he said. "I've always thought it would be cool to open a place to reflect time - Rock and Roll Lodge and Steakhouse has that flavor."

Pending final inspections, Lacher hopes to be open Saturday, Dec. 7.

Check out its Facebook page for special events and deals and for Grand Opening details.

THE ROCK AND ROLL LODGE AND STEAKHOUSE, 9825 Pacific Ave., Tacoma, 253.223.2373.

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