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Federation X and candles

The Bellingham band celebrates 15 tears together

Federation X is as good as married. Photo courtesy of Facebook

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Forming in Bellingham, Wash. in 1998, Federation X has brought a generation of rockers a release from the daily grind with their raw brand of high-energy, low-fi, heavy rock. With a sound that leans toward tumultuous, this band has been compared to Black Sabbath and the Melvins.

Thursday, May 2, Fed X brings their belly rumbling rock back to Olympia with Kozo, Lord Dying and Helms Alee for a show at McCoy's.

The show follows the recording of the bands fifth studio album, We Do What We Must. Recorded March 2013 by Deaf Nephews - Dale Crover (Melvins) and Toshi Kasai - the album drops this summer on Recess Records and the band's Molasses Manifesto label.

"Frankly we should have recorded with Deaf Nephews a long time ago," says Fed X guitarist and vocalist Bill Badgley. "It just makes sense. Plus those guys have amazing bedside manners. They are just an unbelievable combination of love for music and kindness to people."

The kindness and friendship overlaps in the Melvins/Fed X circle. It was just last year that Fed X toured with the Melvins Lite. And the ripple effect doesn't stop there - Badgley directed a documentary film about the rise and fall of local bad boys KARP, bringing the music that helped define a region and an era into a tighter weave of subculture. In fact, Badgley steals a line from KARP when describing his band's chemistry: "The sound a band makes is the sound of their friendship. It translates over to our bands and many others."

The same motto can describe the bands on Thursday's lineup at McCoy's. If friendship is any definition of success, then all these bands have that in the bag.

Helms Alee is a well-loved Tacoma noise rock band that released a hilarious MTV video parody, exceeded their Kickstarter goal to start their own label and will release an upcoming album, Sleepwalking Sailors. Lord Dying just signed with Relapse Records. Kozo has a tight local following for their garage band antics.

And they are all expected to blend seamlessly on stage.

"I don't have any interest in playing hodge-podge shows," says Badgley. "We're presenting all of these bands, not just ourselves."

Following Olympia's show, Federation X will celebrate their 15th band birthday May 11-12 in Bellingham, which is ironic since Badgley says the band members vowed to never celebrate each others birthdays.

"It's like we're married," admits Badgley when discussing 15 years together.

The big blow out party weekend in Bellingham will include a video and photo shoot, a private show with songs from the new album and of course, cake.

"It's gonna be a shit show," says Badgley. Check the band's Facebook page for more details.

In the meantime, check out this guaranteed badass show in Olympia at one of the guaranteed most badass venues in town.

FEDERATION X, w/Helms Alee, Lord Dying and Kozo, 9 p.m., Thursday, May 2, McCoy's, 418 Fourth Ave., Olympia, $5, 360.352.0696

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