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The Rockford Files: The Redroom bowing out in style

Tacoma's all-ages venue closes at the end of April

LO' THERE DO I SEE MY BROTHER: The post rock, progressive band will rock The Redroom April 27.

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Founded in the fall of 2010, The Redroom quickly became one of the most popular all-ages venues in Tacoma. In terms of attendance and frequency of shows, it is likely the most active. Fostering the South Sound metal scene from its unassuming location on Tacoma Avenue, it has cultivated much respect among young music fans for it's non-profit dedication to music and promotion of local bands.

To the dismay of many, April 27 sadly marks the final show at The Redroom.

The venue made the announcement on its Facebook March 8:

"We are sad to say but the end of April will be the end of the Redroom. We did more with this room than we ever imagined we could. It lasted longer than we expected and we thank you all for the support you gave us over the 2 1/2 years we were open.

The non profit we operate under will still continue and we are far from done with all ages music. Be on the lookout for new projects and support local music whenever you can.

Thank you for all the good times."

The Redroom's swan song month has not been of little impact. It compiled a relentless show schedule for the month of April - and one that only reminds us of the venues tremendous impact on the all-ages music scene.

With about a week and a half left in operation, it has six more shows on the schedule, with the final show being on April 27. Billed for that final night are Never Looking Back, Cowardice, Lo There Do I See My Brother, Rise, Safe And Sound, No Choice, A-Hale and Unease.

Show begins at 5 p.m., with a $5 cover going toward the venue's remaining bills. Attendance will be highly appreciated, and you'll be present for a special night in The Redroom's untimely history.

LINK: The Redroom's remaining schedule

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