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MUSIC CRITICS' PICKS: Manhattan Murder Mystery, Full Moon Radio, the Maxines, Miss Massive Snowflake

Jan. 11-15: Live music in the greater Tacoma and Olympia area

MISS MASSIVE SNOWFLAKE: Not cutesy indie rock.

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>>> Friday, Jan. 11


Manhattan Murder Mystery - despite taking their name from a light Woody Allen comedy - follows in the tradition of other lovably scuzzy acts like the Rolling Stones, J. Geils, The Replacements and countless other bands that revel in the smoke and the sound and the drink of a bleary, never-ending party. The band's highs are very high, and even its melodramatic lows ("I Always Think About Dying," for instance) chug along with the kind of goofy energy and raw bravado that belies the truly exceptional work of frontman Matthew Teardrop. It's the kind of music that inspires whiskey-fueled stomping, chanting, manly crying and all manner of unexpected bodily reactions. Even when the band slows things down briefly for a swaying excursion with "Smoky Mountain," the chorus explodes with the kind of full-throated spirit usually reserved for manic funerals. - Rev. Adam McKinney


>>> Saturday, Jan. 12


When it comes to interviewing bands, there are some band members who say few words. And there are band members who say everything so well, you'd like for them to just write the whole article. All girl indie rockers Full Moon Radio is one such band. Ali Baker and Sarah Lynn (third member, Jessie Jackson was not interviewed) discuss their show Saturday with The Hard Way and Glass Elevator at the 4th Ave Tavern in Oly. The lineup: "It seems to me that the ‘high energy rock' element that existed here 20 years ago is starting to emerge again," says Baker. "I am really excited to play with some of the hard working bands made up of musicians who are inspired and have rock and roll dreams. There is something very innocent and sweet about it." The venue: "I have played the 4th Ave Tav before and it is awesome because the sound guy Ben is one of the best in the biz," says Lynn. "We will be playing a couple new songs, including one inspired by a bomb shelter at our practice space. If you have never been to a show at the 4th Ave, this is the one." - Nikki McCoy

4TH AVE TAVERN, 9 P.M., $5, 210 FOURTH AVE., OLYMPIA, 360.786.1444

>>> Saturday, Jan. 12


Over the course of the past couple of years the Maxines have evolved from a one off party-project to a band that has been barnstorming the Pacific Northwest with its special brand of two-piece garage rock. The K Records duo of Matt Murillo and Kelly Norman have simply been one of the most upbeat and "fun" bands to see in a long while. Saturday the group will bring the party to Olympia's Northern for a show that promises to start the year off with a bang. Sadly, for those who love seeing the band, this may be the last time you get a chance to for an extended amount of time. Joining the band for the evening is the Vancouver, Wash. by-the-way-of Portland garage band The Shivas. The Shivas, who is the latest coup for K, has a high energy blend of pop, garage and surf that almost sounds like the Velvet Underground and the Beach Boys simultaneously. Portland's Hooded Hags, featuring longtime K bassman Chris Sutton, brings the cool, Gories style garage, while Seattle's Wimps brings the full on '90s style garage punk experience to the table. - Timothy Grisham


>>> Tuesday, Jan. 15


When I first was made aware of the existence of a band called Miss Massive Snowflake, with song titles like "The Doctor, the Thief, and the Poet Versus Confetti," I was given pause. Happily, instead of the kind of treacly, sneeringly cutesy indie rock that I expected, I was met with jumpy, art-damaged pop that recalled the mid '80s work of Talking Heads, as well as the loopily shifting tempos of bands like Menomena or a sunnier Dirty Projectors. That this is a band that writes songs that function like short stories is more of a bonus to fervent listeners, as opposed to the quirkily catchy rhythms and melodies that are instantly grabbing. Flares of polyrhythms and electronic textures round out and give depth to a band that might otherwise skate by on effortless hooks. - Rev. AM

LE VOYEUR, 10 P.M., NO COVER, 404 E. FOURTH AVE., OLYMPIA, 360.943.5710

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