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Olympia rap duo release debut album

Dub and Jender channel Oly’s vibe

Hip-hop duo Dub and Jender are set to release their debut album Oly 2 Bham during a release party Sept. 27 in Olympia. /Courtesy photo

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Bellingham natives Dub and Jender began to take themselves serious as hip-hop artists in the fall of 2010. After a couple months of practicing what they'd orchestrated together, the duo decided that it was time for the first official Dub and Jender show. That night more than 100 sweaty, teeth-grinding hipsters squeezed into the small and dingy Midnight Sun in downtown Olympia to see what the local party goers had to offer. They immediately received enthusiastic feedback from their friends and fans, and so begun the rapid-fire whirlwind of Dub and Jender performances. After two years of rocking shows all up and down the I-5 corridor, Dub and Jender are finally set to release their debut album Oly 2 Bham.

During their freshman year of high school in 2004, it was boredom that drove Dub and Jender to form a break dancing crew together. Thirsty for more and enamored with mainstream rap, the young men began to write goofball hip-hop tracks as well. They admit that their careers may have started with a Jackass-esque craving for the adrenaline rush that comes from making a fool of oneself in front of large groups of people, but a genuine love of music and poetry pushed them to continue developing their craft.

Evolving through a wide variety of styles and subject matter, their art has ever been a product of the George Bush years.

"This is an era in which the brutal reality of politics alone would probably be intolerable without drugs," says Dub.  

Amidst all the disgust and hopelessness, the focused Dub and Jender slowly but surely developed a knack for meticulous lyricism, high-energy electronic dance beats and undeniable stage presence.  

Their new album Oly 2 Bham is an honest and absurd glimpse into the chaos of drugs, college and menial restaurant jobs that is Olympia.

"It's about life as a college student," explains Dub. "Girls, worrying about the decisions you're making and having no sense of identity or direction."

Jender adds, "Olympia is a city of extremely horny, freaky people and I feel like these types of characteristics worked themselves into the lyrics and the overall feel of the music."

The album's release party is Sept. 27 at Le Voyeur in Olympia.  Following the show, the duo will embark on a mini tour consisting of five more back-to-back performances in various cities.

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