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Hip Hop is alive part 3 in Tacoma

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A-Hyp's show "Hip-Hop Is Alive Part 3" is back this Saturday night. This is almost a monthly show Hyp plans, books, and promotes himself at the Taproom Underground. The venue has good food and drink and it has a smaller more chill-vibe than most spots in Tacoma.

It's got a college hang-out, underground basement feel to it. A-Hyp does a good job booking the night - finding quality, popular, and underused artists of the city. This is just one of the handfuls of Hip-Hop shows the Taproom Underground have had. It's becoming one of the main Hip-Hop venues in the city.  

This month on the bill is the super-group Second Family. As of now there is no other crew that gets more respect than Element and NoQueztion. Also on the bill are Tha Committee, D. Bones, and Mike Swag. I've heard Mike Swag spit before with Tom Hutch and P.M.E. - Dood can flow. Eeetree is providing the music all night. He has a great  taste in music - not relying on old-school or current industry hits. Eeetree plays straight fonky Hip-Hop. Icing on the cake is a special-guest appearance by EvergreenOne.

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