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Former soldiers dropping beats

One of the better DJs operating out of the 253 area is DeeJay Quietstorm

DJ Quietstorm

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    One of the better DJs operating out of the 253 area is DeeJay Quietstorm. He was born in Brooklyn, N.Y., but ended up here by way of the military. I feel like Lewis/McChord spits out more hip-hoppers into our local community than actual soldiers (ha!). He's been blessing us with his skills since 2004. He's been here getting down longer than a lot of the current well-known local hip-hop DJs. Quietstorm stays busy in the clubs and DJs for some of the bigger local MCs. Check him at or, so ya know where the party's at.

   On 4/20, Awall (AKA 2-Piece & Boombox Massacre), otherwise known as BoomMan & Mobbin, dropped a video for Trailblazers. The song features Outrageous and me, and the video is directed by Outrageous. It's one of the better weed songs, as it misses all the normal clichés of smoking-tracks and relies on actual marijuana knowledge, nostalgia and respect for great past smokers - and lots of humor to be original. The beat, provided by Boombox, has a high, smokey feeling and a tripped-out, drug-induced chorus that fits in the brain nicely next to some blunts. The video is pretty funny, with Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas takeoff scenes and some hilarious munchy-in-the-kitchen shots. You'll laugh hard when Awall shoves an entire Hostess Ding-Dong in his mouth at once. Get smoky and try to spot cameos from Coo Beanz and Skirt Digla. Awall and Boombox are having monster years.

    Radio is moving increasingly off your dial and onto the Internet, and 253 hip-hop is represented well there. This week we have Razor Tongue Radio. I believe it's the third all Northwest hip-hop station. They have a weekly show that can be heard by visiting The site also has all the previous weekly shows on archive. I think it's my favorite Northwest radio show because the hour-long show feels live. Shao Sosa and B-Dub host and run the show. They have some good banter and they play quality hip-hop. Give Shao and B-Dub some props for helping the local-scene.

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Awall aka 2piece said on May. 24, 2012 at 8:32am

Thanks Fam!!! S/O DJ Quietstorm & The Homies Over @ Razor Tongue Radio

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Viking Cam said on May. 24, 2012 at 4:20pm

Great article! If I was an outsider and knew nothing about Tacoma Hip Hop you just pointed me to a dope DJ, a dope Local radio show, and by far the hardest hitting album ive had in my cd player for a minute! much love to Destiny City and the Delegates that give it a pulse.

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Josh Rizeberg said on May. 25, 2012 at 8:55am

Thanks for reading Family!

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