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WHAT'S THE WORD?: Bubbling culmination

EvergreenOne releases a solo LP at The Space, with The Breaklites also on the bill

EvergreenOne / courtesy photo

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It looks like EvergreenOne, a big part of CityHall (along with Todd Sykes and DJ Hanibal), is set to release his first solo LP with a big show at The Space. The show is put on by The Warehouse on goes down Saturday, Feb. 25, featuring Fly Moon Royalty, The Breaklites, Dyslexic and, of course, CityHall. It's shaping up to be a big show. As of press time, EvergreenOne had not settled on a name for his new album, so stay tuned.

Speaking of CityHall, the collective's last EP was titled Low Blood Sugar. It was released late last year, a five-song ode to drugs, girls, hip-hop and Tacoma. Download it for free, with the rest of CityHall's catalog, at

CityHall's rise in popularity was one of the biggest stories of Tacoma hip-Hop in 2011. The Breaklites also had a huge year. The group's video "The Funk" on YouTube was one of the breakout videos for the 253, solidifying The Breaklites as a force to be reckoned with in local hip-hop. All of this will come to a bubbling, explosive culmination at The Space for CityHall and The Breaklites. It could be the biggest show of the winter.

Golden Brown Entertainment, as a crew, has been a little quiet as of late. But Ese Cricket is still keeping Golden Brown relevant with the release of his new solo mixtape, Life On Track, available for free on FYI: He's now changed his name to Manny Acosta. The release dropped late last year and it features fellow G.B.E. MCs Lil Dreams and Neno Brownz. If you're a fan of old-school West Coast gangsta music, and appreciate a bilingual flow, then give Manny Acosta a try.

One of the biggest hip-hop artists in the 253 is Q-Dot, aka Quincy Henry. Henry selflessly promotes his brethren, Fame-Rilla, and plans one of Tacoma's biggest music festivals, Grit City Fest. He's an incredible, natural, rhythmic MC. He's also a gifted musician and producer. It can be easy to forget how good Q-Dot is because he's always working to improve the region instead of just selfishly promoting himself. So go to YouTube and watch his new video, "24 Hours". Q-Dot makes authentic hip-hop music and he makes it well.

Next week it's Blak Mic, Erik Blood and Thee Satisfaction.

[The Space, CityHall, The Breaklites, Fly Moon Royalty, Dyslexic, Saturday, Feb. 25, more info TBA, 729 Court C, Tacoma]

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