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Infernal Legion celebrates the release of a heavy new album that's sure to make Satan proud

INFERNAL LEGION: We're pretty sure we're going to hell for even posting this. Photo credit: Facebook

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Tacoma is a metal town. Always has been. Always will be. Period! Some folks say it's the weather, the water or the drugs, but I say it's in our blood. Like any other blue-collar town, Tacoma likes no-BS, aggressive, powerful music.

This Saturday Infernal Region will release its newest full-length record on Moribund Records. The Spear of Longinus features nine songs and 45 minutes of the most Satanic tunes ever - plus the debut of new bassist and local celeb Josh Dombeck. Recorded right here in Tacoma by Jesse O'Donnell at the Autopsy Room, the first thing that jumped out and throttled me about this CD was the production and sinister tones blaring out of my speakers. A heavier release than expected, I was pleasantly surprised by the songwriting throughout.

Here's a song-by-song rundown:

"Reborn through Bloodshed" is sung from the point of view of the Spirit of Death as he slaughters the world. Drummer Justin Thomas wastes no time showing off how fast and thunderous he has become.

"Wallowing in your own Faith" starts balls-out with gut tearing vocals and evil guitar work, as the band denounces organized religions and gives praise to The Dark One.

"Disregard for the After-Life" features classic sounding black metal that would make Cronos (Venom) proud! Dueling guitarists Doug Stern and Erik Armstrong have never sounded better.

"The Immaculate Deception" is a violent re-imagining of the parents of Christ. Not for the wimpy, this song includes rape, sodomy and everything an Infernal Legion fan could want.

"Dawn of the Last Day" features vocalist Josh Smith painting a dire portrait of Mother Earth's last day, as volcanoes and earthquakes rip her apart. This song is a bit slower and heavier than the others but crushes with apocalyptic doom.

"Black Blood" is an anti-Christian rant about a man driven to hatred and vowing unholy war ‘til death, all in Satan's name.

"Vinland Valor" has hit song written all over it. It's a true battle anthem for the Viking warrior in us all. Hail Odin!

"Volcanic Winter" captures a bleak outlook on global warming and the impending ice age. More Apocalypse please!

"Wave of Purification" closes out The Spear of Longinus with yet another tale of Armageddon, this time drowned beneath an über tsunami!

There you go. Now if you have the stones, go see Infernal Legion live this Saturday at Hell's Kitchen for the band's record release party. At least you've been warned! 

Stay metal, Tacoma!

Infernal Legion

CD release show with Churchburner, Bloodhunger and others
Saturday, Dec. 10, 8 p.m., $5
Hell's Kitchen, 928 Pacific Ave., Tacoma

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