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THE DAMAGE REPORT: Back in action

Ten CDs that rock!!

THE MISSIONARY POSITION: McKibbin digs "Diamonds in a Dead Sky."

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I'm back! Sorry I missed you all last week. The Slayer/Rob Zombie/Exodus show took a lot out of me. (Or was it partying with Chris Cricket Johnson and the ladies after?) Besides seeing Exodus pull off the "Wall of Death" with Kerry King, and witnessing Rob Zombie with most of Marilyn Manson's band use more fire than KISS, and standing in awe of Slayer with Gary Holt of Exodus playing leads on a rippin' set of old classics and new gems, I had the pleasure of meeting metal comedian Brian Posehn as he was headed backstage! A great night of metal with great friends!

Go check out the Metal Shoppe/PPU group on Facebook for a proper history lesson on and from old school of Tacoma bands. It's a hoot! There are tons of great videos appearing from the '80s Tacoma scene not to be missed!

Here are my favorite Top 10 local CDs this week:

1. Jean Grey, Abysmal - Death Metal from Eugene, Ore. at its most evil, complete with the best sounding self-released CD I think I've EVER heard.

2. The Missionary Position, Diamonds in a Dead Sky - Jefferson Angell did it again with the most bluesy, sleazy, emotional CD to come out of these parts in years!

3. Bloodhunger, Demo - Great sounding disc will hopefully help this crushing Tacoma band find a new singer SOON!

4. The Fun Police, Clown Control - The merry pranksters are back with a better sounding disc with awesome artwork and hilarious songs!

5. Missed Conception, Scratch-N-Sniff - This group of weirdoes from Belfair sure knows how to jazz it up and make it sound like Mr. Bungle and No Means No had a baby.

6. Curse of the North, Revelations - Stoner metal for the masses featuring ex-member of 3 Inches of Blood and Kane Hodder.

7. Psychonaut Deathtrip, Killuminati - Great CD art and brutal songs. Could be a band to watch around here soon.

8. Unhailoed, Memoir of a Dying World - The production lacks the fury of the band's live set, but this CD shows you these youngins are out for blood!

9. Unearth the Dead, Demo - Better production is needed, but this new band has some skills fo' sho'.

10. Deny Your Deceiver, Demo - Again, shoddy production value but it can't hide the passion this band plays with. Doesn't hold a candle to their live set.

RUMOR MILL ... Devils of Loudon may be back real soon with a new vocalist and CD ... A new club is in the works for South Tacoma ... Anthrax and Amon Amarth may be hitting the Northwest soon on respective tours.


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Myk Jowett said on Aug. 28, 2011 at 11:47pm

Helluva 1st paragraph there! Sorta rivals my BIG 4 trip to Indio! Yes the videos will continue to appear. I communicated with Dwayne Howe today, (Cybernet Infomedia, Rock Hard TV), produced most of the choice videos from South Puget Sound in the early-mid 90's. He is looking fwd to seein the page and playin catch-up with us all! BTW Gary Holt played Hannamens part and Exodus too? Sounds extreme!

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