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WHAT'S THE WORD?: "Off With Their Heads"

J-Mar Da Sik takes his place

J-MAR DA SIK: Conscious and creative / courtesy photo

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J-Mar Da Sik is back with Du4Self Records to hit us with another mixtape, Off With Their Heads. The mixtape drops May 27 and will be available on and

Da Sik is celebrating the release of the mixtape with a ridiculously packed album-release show at the Gruv Lounge (also May 27), featuring Chris Crazy, Leezy Soprano, Second Family, Island Trybe and KNM. Naturally, there will be hard copies of the album available at the release show. Da Sik will also be opening for Naughty by Nature in Seattle at the Showbox May  23.

Off With Their Heads features Da Sik spicing up industry beats. The best songs on the mixtape are the original tracks produced by C-Note who hails from Seattle. Shuford from Atlanta adds some original touches as well. The only guest MCs on the album are Black Anger and the current king of the streets, Leezy Soprano.

Da Sik explains the title of the mixtape as having to do with "being the real heir to the throne." So what is he talking about?

Well, Da Sik is on Du4Self Records - a label started by Black Anger. Black Anger was the most revolutionary, progressive, street hip-hop this city has ever produced. No group has stepped up in their place to mix politricks with the streets like Black Anger did. They were like our city's version of Dead Prez, minus the annoying college-kid fan base.

Da Sik is the descendent of this movement, honing his skills under the guidance of E-Real, Kendu and DJ Sayeed. In fact, DJ Sayeed mixes and hosts the entire album; it's just as much his record as Da Sik's. Tacoma has a history of powerful street-based, black-revolutionary music - a result of the consciousness, creativity and struggles in neighborhoods like Hilltop. It started with Criminal Nation, moved to Black Anger and now J-Mar is claiming his spot. As a city we should be proud of the hardcore, yet politically-minded, hip-hop Tacoma has produced.

Sonny Bonoho

Also, congratulations this week to Sonny Bonoho for going on a national tour opening up for the Chicharones and Pigeon John. Bonoho will be touring the country most of May, and is a city treasure. His music is extremely unique and now the whole of the country is catching on.

J-Mar Da Sik

With Chris Crazy, Leezy Soprano, Second Family, Island Trybe, KNM
Friday, May 27, 9 p.m., $10
Gruv Lounge, 3829 Sixth Ave., Tacoma

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User Photo

Mark said on May. 19, 2011 at 2:00pm

Leezy Soprano is not featured on J-Mar Da Sik "OFF WIT THEY HEADS" Mixtape. He is however in the line-up to perform May 27th at the Gruv Lounge in Tacoma for the Off Wit They Heads Mixtape Release Party

User Photo

Mark said on May. 19, 2011 at 2:12pm

J-Mar Da Sik "OFF WIT THEY HEADS" Release Party featuring Chris Crayzie, Leezy Soprano, Second Family, Island Trybe, KNM, Boss Click, Happz, Monopoly & E'Real
This event is at the Gruv Lounge Tacoma, WA May 27th

User Photo

Mark said on May. 19, 2011 at 2:27pm

Get Your Tickets in Advance to the show May 27th Gruv Tacoma, WA

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