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TIKI LOGIC: Smile For Diamonds, ICK, Nymph ...

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It's a new week, which means it's time for a new installment of Bobble Tiki's South Sound music news and notes column. Without further ado, let's get rolling. ...

Wow. Just wow. Bobble Tiki long ago established himself as a self-promoting whore, so this pitch should come as no surprise, but have you seen the music coverage at lately? (Of course you have - you're here, aren't you?)

Last week alone, in addition to all the musical goodness that ran in print, featured full interviews with Blanco Bronco, Gold Teeth and Umber Sleeping. How's that for online awesomeness?

This week is no different. Interviews with Tyler Fortier and Smile For Diamonds, both of whom are playing in the South Sound this week, can be found at the Weekly Volcano's online home. In between Facebook updates and Adult Friend Finder searches, it's definitely something worth keeping tabs on.

Also something worth keeping tabs on is ICK, set to play The New Frontier Lounge Sunday evening with Humble Cub and Fat Beavers. (What an irony-laced show!)

Here's the bottom line: Bobble Tiki knows next to nothing about ICK. All he really knows is if you Google ICK + Tacoma Band - the top three results are Humble Cub's MySpace page (because they're playing together), the MySpace profile of Pachi Pawme (because Bobble Tiki doesn't know), and the Wikipedia entry for Justin Timberlake's "Dick in a Box" song.

That's probably not a very good representation of what ICK is all about, but - again - Bobble Tiki is just guessing.

What Bobble Tiki hasn't heard is Zachary Marvick (he of Tacoma's Most Sexy barista fame) is the man behind ICK - which right there makes Sunday's show an item of interest. If Marvick sounds anything like the delicious shots he pulls, there's no going wrong. He's an artistic dude, and a member of the community Bobble Tiki respects, so he feels awfully comfortable recommending it - though Bobble Tiki has absolutely no concrete idea of what to expect.

Moving on, Bobble Tiki has always been a fan of provocative band names, and when Nymph hits Le Voyeur next Wednesday, May 5, that's exactly the type of situation Bobble Tiki will have on his Tiki hands. Oh joy.

But let's not be lowbrow, folks. Even Bobble Tiki knows when not to drag his knuckles, and this is just such an instance. An abstract and hazy charge of art-rock, with worldly influences, Nymph is far more than a provocative band name. Catch them in Olympia as part of a coast-to-coast tour.

Finally, and speaking of cool shit that's on, Smile For Diamonds - a band that will play tomorrow night (Friday) at The New Frontier Lounge - has full Q&A online for all to peruse right now.

Why should you familiarize yourself with the "loud and erratic" young indie rockers from Seattle?

Well, for one thing - and besides their show Friday - Smile For Diamonds will be back in T-town this summer, playing a little shindig known as Grit City Fest.

Bobble Tiki think you'll want to get to know these guys. Just sayin'.

Until next week ...

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