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TIKI LOGIC: Is Motopony classic rock?

The South Sound music scene through the eyes of a souvenir


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It's a new week, which means it's time for a new installment of Bobble Tiki's South Sound music news and notes column. Without further ado, let's get rolling.

As you may or may not have noticed, Bobble Tiki took a moderately deserved vacation last week. That's not to say he was doing anything fun and exciting (unless you consider extended stays in sweatpants fun and/or exciting), but Bobble Tiki does return rested and rejuvenated.

But enough about Bobble Tiki (says the island-themed souvenir writing a third person column).

Last week, while grabbing an amazing Americano on an equally amazing sunny day at the new Satellite Coffee Market Street location, Bobble Tiki happened to run into Tacoma lightning rod Daniel Blue. Aside from the usual chitchat, which included some Warehouse reminiscing on Blue's part and a brief discussion on the state of art in Tacoma and the possibilities of actually "making it" here, the conversation turned to - of all things - classic rock. Yes, it seems just that morning Blue's Motopony had been played on KZOK. An amazing feat, no doubt - and an interesting one at that. Does this officially make Motopony classic rock? Will Daniel Blue soon be booked to play the Emerald Queen Casino? What does this all mean for Steve Miller?

Only time will tell, and on this sunny day neither Blue nor Bobble Tiki had the answer.

Proving this week sometimes he makes mistakes that actually result in positive things - not just mistakes that result in dirty looks and shady sacks from Joe Hyer - Volcano editor Matt Driscoll happened to preview Sweet Kiss Momma's show last Saturday at the Silo in Sumner on It was nothing amazing - typical Driscoll, drug induced yammering, really - but after seeing the piece Sweet Kiss Momma was cool enough to get in touch with the Weekly Volcano and provide some more specifics about what they've got cooking.

Not only does Sweet Kiss Momma like to rock the shit out of Sumner, but after returning from SXSW in March the band will release their debut full-length CD at the Liberty Theater in Puyallup on April 30 - with The Lonely H also on the bill.

Best bill ever in P-Town? Bobble Tiki thinks it's a possibility. 

See you next week.

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