TIKI LOGIC: New Year's Eve '80s style

Plus: Garaj Mahal birthday party

By Bobble Tiki on December 30, 2009

After the holiday Bobble Tiki gave the scale in his bathroom an extra five pounds to weigh. The pants in Bobble Tiki's closet were given new companions. These new additions to his wardrobe were given a name: "Fatty Pants." Bobble Tiki's stomach was given a new place to hang out. Bobble Tiki's belt buckle was given a new place to live.  It now resides two inches further away from its old abode. And best of all, Bobble Tiki's chin was given a friend, it's not quite an identical chin, but it's a "double chin" just the same. Stupid holidays. They really are a time for giving.

As for Bobble Tiki's New Year's Eve plans, he's tired of that same old New Year's routine of watching some insulting TV special and then trying to remember the words to that weepy New Year's song shortly before passing out on the couch.  He's going out this year.

Bobble Tiki might be spending tonight with the assorted string hairs from Loverboy, who play a free concert at the Emerald Queen Casino at 8 p.m. Loverboy is a band made for those mirrors Bobble Tiki won by killing state-fair goldfish. After the show, Bobble Tiki will head down to The Brotherhood Lounge in Olympia for DJ Dead Air's '80s party. Bobble Tiki's temperature will go down to Less Than Zero.

Sunday, Bobble Tiki will help celebrate bartender Jesse Turcotte's birthday as he welcomes Bay Area instrumental super quartet Garaj Mahal to Doyle's Public House at 9 p.m. Unafraid of the F word (fusion), they blend early '70s Herbie Hancock with accessible funk grooves and, most importantly, make it go down smooth.

Well, that's it. Happy New Year. Cue the canned laughter. Roll the credits. End of story.