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TIKI LOGIC: Lakewood Police officers benefit

Plus: Dick Dale

Dick Dale

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It’s a new week, which means it’s time for a new installment of Bobble Tiki’s South Sound music news and notes column. Without further ado, let’s get rolling.

Lakewood Police officers benefit

Though Bobble Tiki is still stuck in traffic, even as he writes this, he can’t help but relay how touched, moved and humbled he was by Tuesday’s procession and memorial for the four tragically slain Lakewood police officers. It was quite a sight. Bobble Tiki and the Weekly Volcano send our thoughts and prayers out to the family and friends of the fallen heroes, as well as to the Lakewood Police Department.

Naturally, benefits for the Lakewood Police Department and the four murdered officers are everywhere right now — and rightfully so. A special one is currently being planned for Sunday at The Swiss in Tacoma.

Featuring The Missionary Position, Dudley Taft’s Blues Overkill (Dudley is from Sweet Water), Daniel Blue of Motopony, Jim Basnight, China Davis, Voxy Vallejo, Kim Archer, Matt Eklund, Mom’s Rocket and more — Sunday’s benefit at The Swiss, which includes a suggested $10 donation at the door, will raise money for the Lakewood Police Independent Guild.

Ben Fuller, of China Davis, was one of the folks that spearheaded the effort to put the show together — which he says has snowballed thanks to overwhelming community support. Hell, even KZOK has gotten involved

“Like everyone else, hearing the news of this horrible shooting really blindsided me,” says Fuller. “My dad was a Pierce County deputy for 33 years and in the back of my mind growing up I knew that something like that could happen.”

“The Northwest has a lot of music and no shortage of quality people,” says Fuller. “My first goal was to put something together that Tacoma would want to see.”

Dick Dale

We don’t have much space left, but Bobble Tiki would just like to remind folks The Dirty Birds open up for Dick Dale at the Capitol Theater in Olympia tonight. Even for a Thursday, it’ll be one of the week’s best bets.

“Dick Dale doesn’t just come around and play here all the time, ya dig?” says The Dirty Birds’ frontman Jimmi Davies.

Word to your mutha, Jimmi.

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