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HIP-HOP IN THE 25360: 2009 Awards!

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The Year — she’s up

Ahhh, The final installment of The 25360 for 2009. I’ve been at it since August 2008, hopefully providing some news, info, philosophy and insight about our Tacoma/Olympia hip-hop scene as it grows at a patient pace.

The 25360 Awards 2009 — vote now!

A flash in the pan ain’t what it is.  Last year’s awards sparked some conversation and some controversy — it’s your thang. Below are the categories up for the awards. If dropped a few suggestions, although it’s your call. Take a look at the list below:

MC of The Year — Jay Barz, XP and J-Mar Da Sik
DJ of The Year — DJ Drastic and DJ Dragonfish Killswitch
Man of The Year — Eddie Sumlin
Woman of The Year — Stella Haioulani
Promoter of The Year — Homeland Security, Crowd Control and Gerzee
Album of The Year Be A G About It (J-Mar), Where In The World Is Taylor Jones (Junkyard Gang) and Truth & Medizine Muzik (Savage Family)
Song of The Year — “’80s Baby” — LA Swagga
Video of The Year — ?
Producer of The Year — Big Squigg
Best Come Up — ?
Best New Artist — LA Swagga
Hustla of The Year — Jay Barz (Can’t stop… Won’t stop!)
Nightclub of The Year — The Royal and Masa
Organization of The Year — Hip-Hop for The Homeless, Hip-Hop Congress (Evergreen Chapter)
Best Radio Show/Host — DJ Kalambre (KAOS), DJ Luvva J (KAOS) and DJ La Pointe (KAOS)
Model of The Year — Miss Lady
Best Athlete — Jonathan Stewart (Carolina Panthers)
Best Music/Vinyl Shop — Rainy Day Records (Olympia)
Best Eatery — ?

Please submit additional nominees for The 25360 Awards at  The award recipients will be announced at The 2010 Hip-Hop for The Homeless Benefit on Saturday Jan. 30 at The Cherry Loft from 4-10 p.m.  The benefit recommends a $5 donation for entry or canned foods and/or clothing items to benefit those in need.

Happy New Year!

Oh, yeah … Happy New Year!  Hopefully, you can reset yourself and go hard for the things you aspire to achieve in 2010. It will be what you make it!  Rest in peace to all of the law enforcement officers recently murdered in the line of duty and also to DJ Omega Supreme of Organized Konfusion. 

Winners Train, Losers Complain… Do Yo’ Thang!!!

Peace & Love

Jose S. Gutierrez Jr. aka DJ LUVVA J is an award-winning editor, writer, producer, educator, music director and consultant.  A graduate of Washington State University and student at The Evergreen State College, he writes and edits the Pacific Northwest section of Ozone Magazine and hosts and produces Live From I-5 Radio (since ’89) every Friday at 3 p.m. on KAOS 89.3 FM ( / Comcast Ch. 982 / TCTV Ch. 22) in Olympia.

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Audrey delaCruz said on Jan. 17, 2010 at 11:33pm

When I say "Hilly" you say "Hack". ...Hilly...Hack Well if you havent noticed My vote is for the one and only Ms. Hilary Hacker. Never before have I met such a driven, compassionate, and caring person. Hillary has that drive with in her soul that continues to push her and guide her to help those in need. She is always at the wheel of one battle or another. Learning or spreading the word one one issue or the next. Nothing but love and the greatest respect for the woman. She holds her head high and is someone that I hope my daughter will grow up to be like! Thank you Hilly for all you have done, all you will do and for who you are! Love Audy

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