TIKI LOGIC: Goldwing

Plus: Hell's Kitchen update

By Bobble Tiki on December 23, 2009

It's a new week, which means it's time for a new installment of Bobble Tiki's South Sound music news and notes column. Without further ado, let's get rolling.

Bobble Tiki hates to sound like a total corporate tool (or does he?), but he's willing to risk his already-soiled reputation on this one. There's some great shit going on over at Spew - the Weekly Volcano's InterWeb blog thingy. You can find it at weeklyvolcanospew.com. It'll be the blog that smells like vodka.

This week, for instance, editor Matt Driscoll tracked down Rory Turner of Tacoma's Goldwing - something he probably could have done just by hanging out at The Red Hot, but chose to do (like the ever-awkward hermit he is) via email.

Still, Driscoll and Turner's exchange is pretty entertaining. Goldwing will share a bill with And Those Who Were Dragged Saturday at Doyle's in Tacoma - a rock and roll bonanza that just so happens to coincide with Roxanne (Murphy)'s birthday. Driscoll explains on Spew how Roxanne is a friend of the Volcano that needs just one name, and Turner waxes poetic about Goldwing's future.

"Other than releasing a record, we're gonna try and not change the way we do anything," says Turner. "We like predictability."

Sharing a bill with And Those Who Were Dragged is obvious, says Turner, since the bands also share guitarist Barham Beireis. "We have an awkward, ‘my-girlfriend-is-friends-with-her-ex-boyfriend-now' kind of relationship," says a joking Turner of two of the bands that will play Doyle's Saturday night. "We pretend to be really nice to each other, but we really just want to keep (Beireis) to ourselves."

Speaking of full on rock shows, and Spew, the Weekly Volcano also recently got a sneak preview of the new Hell's Kitchen downtown location. As you've probably heard, the Hell's Kitchen grand re-opening show will be free and on New Year's Eve, featuring Jet City Fix, Atomic Outlaws, Wide Eye Panic, and Mom's Rocket.

Throughout the week leading up to Hell's Kitchen's grand re-opening, tasty details about the new location will be popping up all over Spew. For instance: The women's bathroom at the new Hell's Kitchen is absolutely stunning. Seriously. It's like someone took the bathroom straight out of a Nordstrom and stuck it in a rock club in downtown Tacoma.

Pure brilliance.

You heard it here first.