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  • Lily Collins said:

    " it might take long to be in a broken relationship but it's never going to to be forever.i have been living with heartbreak for couple of years...

    in Three Easy Pieces

  • John Sommer said:

    Thanks for the kind words Adam!


  • Corry said:

    A wonderful story you have written down in favor of Art Garfunkel. One sentence did really struck me in a very sick way and this is the following...


  • Heather Matthews said:

    Heather Matthews here - the interviewee. I got some of my facts wrong when Christian interviewed me; what I learned about the gig was through a...

    in Feels like the first time

  • karoletape said:

    The goal of each farm is achieving yields. Throughout the year, cares for the role, sown, planted, nursed, weeding, tending completely different...


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