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Music Critics' Picks: You Are Plural, AKA and The Heart Hurt Goods, Ah God, Full Moon Radio

Sept. 28-29: Live music in the greater Tacoma and Olympia area

You Are Plural headlines The Warehouse's Candle Lit Show Sept. 28 at the Urban Grace Church. Photo courtesy of Facebook

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The trio of You Are Plural make music for the kind of people that need a little more propulsion in their chamber pop. Made up of cello, Wurlitzer organ and drums, You Are Plural construct perfectly lovely tunes that benefit greatly from the sort of nervous percussion provided by not only the drums, but by the Wurlitzer. The organ furiously pulses in tandem with the drums, lending movement to the otherwise humbly beautiful songs. In recent years, as evidenced by their entrancing new single, "Rabbit Rabbit," You Are Plural have moved in a gently anthemic direction. Highlighted by the affecting vocal harmonies of Jen Grady and Ephriam Nagler, "Rabbit Rabbit" steadily pushes toward a crescendo that, though it may not quite be of a fist-pumping variety, still gets your blood going better than your average cello and organ outfit might suggest. {REV. ADAM MCKINNEY}

A CANDLE LIT SHOW w/You Are Plural, The Local Strangers, Spirits of the Red City and Bradford Loomis, 8 p.m., Urban Grace Church, 902 Market St., Tacoma, $7, 253.272.2184


Good music still exists - if you believe in voting and crowd opinion at live shows.  If you believe in those two factors, at least, then you will believe that good music exists when AKA and The Heart Hurt Goods take the stage.  The band is a hodge-podge of instrumental musicians honing everything from violin-play to drums, bass guitar and many more.  With a funk/rock/hip-hop capability, The Heart Hurt Goods is led by frontman and former veteran of the Olympia MC-battle circuit, AKA. AKA's story is too lengthy for this short preview to respectfully explain, but what is not difficult is the act of participating and enjoying he and his band's music. They were selected at The Olympia Music Awards as Best Solo (AKA) and Best Hip-Hop Act of The Year and have received excellent reviews following performances up and down I-5 and the Puget Sound.  Here's the fun part: AKA and The Heart Hurt Goods is rocking this Saturday night at Olympia's 4th Ave Tavern. Joining them are Elbow Coulee and Armed With Legs, which makes for a full night of live award-winning music right in your vicinity {JOSE GUTIERREZ JR.}

AKA AND THE HEART HURT GOODS, w/Elbow Coulee and Armed With Legs, 9 p.m., 4th Ave Tavern, 210 Fourth Ave., Olympia, $5, 360.786.1444


I guess we should've seen it coming, ever since lo-fi recording became its own modest movement, that some people would take that ethic to its natural ending point. And so, we must say, the genre dubiously dubbed "s---gaze" was an inevitability. Testing the limits of tolerable listening conditions, bands like Times New Viking and Psychedelic Horses--- found their audience, meaning that a whole cavalcade of murky bands would lurch forward. Ah God, from Portland, is such a band. Sounding like they were recorded in an underwater tin can, Ah God's music is actually quite compelling and deftly assembled, once you wipe away all the grime and peer through the proverbial greasy windshield. Embracing washes of reverb and prickly distortion, Ah God make psychedelic pop that even sometimes appears to have catchy choruses and canny hooks. The digging through the muck proves a worthwhile endeavor. {REV. AM}

AH GOD, w/ Moose Portrait and A Volcano, 10 p.m., Le Voyeur, 404 E. Fourth Ave., Olympia, no cover, 360.943.5710

[ROCK] + SUN, SEPT. 29

Finding local music is a process. You might stumble across a show, maybe it's recommended by a friend, or perhaps you read it in the Volcano. However you discover your music; whichever bands stick in your memory, whose songs you'll actually download, whose shows you'll really go see, whose music should get you fucking excited and happy - that's the beauty of hunting for music. For me, and hopefully for you, Full Moon Radio is one of those bands. Their grunge/pop/punk rock with crystal clear lyrics that are moving and edgy are executed with the feminism and integrity of three superbly powerful women. Before they head back into the studio and take a few months off from playing shows, make sure you catch Full Moon Radio at an all-ages show at Le Voyeur in Olympia Sunday. {NIKKI MCCOY}

FULL MOON RADIO, w/Steel Cranes and The Redwood Plan, 7 p.m., all-ages until 10 p.m., Le Voyeur, 404 Fourth Ave., Olympia, $3, 360.943.5710

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