Sunday, Feb. 22: Gig Harbor Film Festival Oscar Party

The Hub at Gig Harbor

By Volcano Staff on February 16, 2015

And ... Sunday is the day. Oscar day. The day all those little-golden-statue-grubbers have been losing sleep over. You want to watch, you know you do. But. You are cool. You are hip. You are in. And, in your crowd, you do not watch the Oscars. It is not done. But, oh, how you want to. What's a hipster to do? Oscar Party at The Hub in Gig Harbor. You could ride your single gear bike to the bicycle-themed restaurant and lounge. Dinner will be served as well as red carpet pictures and a champagne toast. The Hub will have a big screen and all the other dialed into the red carpet and the Oscar ceremony. The Gig Harbor Film Festival will have film directors on hand and other local celebrities. Your ticket helps finance this year's Gig Harbor Film Festival, which will maintain your coolness. You win, again.

GIG HARBOR FILM FESTIVAL OSCAR PARTY, 4 p.m., The Hub, 1208 26th Ave. NW, Gig Harbor, $50, 253.851.3456