Saturday, March 8: Broken Water


By Nikki McCoy on March 5, 2014

Olympia's Broken Water is terrifically mesmerizing. Listening to the avant-garde, shoegaze threesome forces a sort of centering that is hard to come by. For instance, when typing and listening, I literally had to pull my fingers from the keyboard, lay my head back and close my eyes will the talents of Broken Water lulled my mind's eye into a more in-the-moment space. Sixteen minutes of indigenous-like melodies, distorted into synched-out soundscapes and sonic awareness will flip a new perspective on any external force. While the comfort of headphones and home might be my preferred method of listening, I'm sure the upcoming show at The Northern - which had to move from Dumpster Values because it was getting too much of a draw - will rock the room full of fans into an abyss of collective consciousness. P.S. While you're there, make sure and check out San Francisco's legendary street musician, The Space Lady. 

BROKEN WATER, w/ TJO, The Space Lady, Creature Sounds, 8 p.m., all ages, The Northern, 414 ½ Legion Way, Olympia