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Saturday, May 25: Bucky Virginia and Your Daily Bread

Metronome Coffee

Bucky Virginia And Your Daily Bread makes music with no foot prisons. Photo courtesy of Facebook

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How does one describe the enjoyment derived from a jam band to people who don't like jam bands? The answer is not easy. Jam bands, known for long, improvisational, almost jazz-inspired sets that baffle some and amaze others, have divided music fans for decades since Pink Floyd and Phish began playing shows in the '60s and '80s.

Comprised of Levi Gosteli, Cody Kissner (of SHEBEAR fame), Josh Celli and Clay Snell, Bucky Virginia and Your Daily Bread is a jam band for people who don't like jam bands. When I asked fellow musician and friend of the band Eli Moore to describe the band's constantly improving sound, he simply looked at me with a raised eyebrow and snarky grin and said, "They're getting kind of Phishy."

Bucky Virginia and Your Daily Bread can loosely be described as alternative rock and blues, but in reality the band creates a totally original synthesis of blues, funk, rock, rockabilly and jazz. The band is primarily known for its long improvisational sets that shift from long and exhilarating jam pieces to loosely composed songs that offer a wide range of opportunity to experiment midset.

Read Sean Contris' full feature on Bucky Virginia and Your Daily Bread in Northwest Military's Music & Culture section.

BUCKY VIRGINIA AND YOUR DAILY BREAD, w/Evan Maine, 8 p.m., Saturday, May 25, Metronome Coffee, 3518 Sixth Ave., Tacoma, 253.301.2375

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