Friday, Sept. 23-Saturday, Sept. 24: What You Got Fest

Capitol Theater

By Molly Gilmore on September 21, 2011

The What You Got Fest offers films, bands, skateboard ramps, free workshops, a chance to watch a mural being painted outside the Capitol Theater - and zombies.
The ghoulish creatures are a pop-culture trend with staying power, and they'll be modeling in the Olympia youth art festival's trash fashion show.

"In the trash world, zombies represent stuff that doesn't really go away," said Ruby Re-Usable, who helped youth organizers with a workshop on and materials for creating trash fashion. "Plastic bags get ratty, and they might break up into little pieces, but regular plastic bags do not decompose. They're like the undead."

With music by DJ Selector Dub Narcotic (aka Calvin Johnson), the fashion show (6 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 24) looks like a highlight of this year's festival.

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What You Got Fest

Friday, Sept. 23, and Saturday, Sept. 24
$5 per day, $8 for both
free for workshops and outdoor activities
Capitol Theater, 206 Fifth Ave. S.E., Olympia
360.754.6670 or