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Sunday, July 12: Saul Tannenbaum at Pride

Sylvester Park

Saul Tannenbaum

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How much of an Olympia mainstay is former vaudevillian Saul Tannenbaum?

Enough so that Tannenbaum (who made his Olympia debut just a year and a half ago) is performing Sunday, June 12, as part of Capital City Pride.

The show, dubbed Saul Tannenbaum and His Friends of Dorothy, is the highest profile gig to date for Tannenbaum (the alter ego of theatrical Josh-of-all-trades Josh Anderson of Olympia). And it's the first one open to an all-ages audience.

This success is particularly impressive given that Tannenbaum is fictional, the creation of Anderson and actress-singer-writer Christina Collins, who scripts the shows and portrays Tannenbaum's perpetual special guest, Mona von Horne.

But people - even Anderson himself - often seem to forget that fact.

"It's a rainbow connection kind of show," Anderson says. "It's Sunday afternoon in the park after a parade, and I think Saul understands that, too."

The 90-minute show is set to begin at 2:15 p.m. in Sylvester Park, at Legion Way and Capitol Way, Olympia, with a cast including Tannenbaum regular Lauren O'Neill, plus Bruce Haasl, Kerry Martin and Stephanie and Jared Nace.

In honor of this "songstravaganza," as Tannenbaum calls it, the Volcano interviewed the elusive entertainer, who dictated his answers to Collins.

To read the full interview click here.

Saul Tannenbaum and His Friends of Dorothy

Sunday, June 12, 2:15 p.m., all ages
Sylvester Park, Capitol and Legion, Olympia

Capital City Pride Festival

June 10-12, most events free
Sylvester Park, Capitol and Legion, Olympia

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