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Sunday, Feb. 27: Olympia Film Society's Oscar Party

Capitol Theater

Pose with a real Oscar at the Olympia Film Society's Academy Awards party Sunday.

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There's plenty of speculation, but who'll be left holding the Oscars in Hollywood on Sunday night is still a mystery.

In Olympia, though, anyone who attends the Olympia Film Society's Oscar Party can lay hands on - and be photographed with - a real Oscar.

Hosted by pianist-actor-director-composer Josh Anderson, the party will feature a trivia casting couch, a raffle, prizes for the person who picks the most Oscar winners and even a red carpet in front of the theater.

"Those who get dressed up may get stopped on the red-carpet walk by Josh," says theater manager Audrey Henley. "We project the red-carpet action onto the big screen, so fashionistas and fancy dressers will get a little fame before they walk into the party."

But for the night's most exciting prop, the Oscars get the nod.

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Olympia Film Society's Oscar Party

Sunday, Feb. 27, 4:30 p.m., Academy Awards broadcast 5 p.m., $6
Capitol Theater, 206 Fifth Ave. SE, Olympia

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