Spud's Pizza Parlor & Trophy Room

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7025 Pacific Ave.
Tacoma,WA 98408
(253) 475-3366


Credit Cards Accepted, Full Bar, Kid-Friendly, Take-out
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Weekly Volcano Review Reviewed by: Steph DeRosa

Multiple TVs, one being extremely large, sat between a life-sized stuffed cougar and a plethora of beer signs greeted me as I entered the historic East Tacoma pizzeria. I bellied up and made quick friends with Cheryl the bartender. She was welcoming, knowledgeable, quick-witted, and had on the perfect amount of makeup. Not too much, not too little. Admittedly, she was quite pleasant to look at. For this, I let her pour me a beer. That cold, delicious domestic beer was the perfect way to start off my lunch hour as I asked her a few questions concerning the layout of this huge, hidden lounge with bad carpeting in the back of Spud's Pizza Parlor. When the Seahawks play away, Cheryl tells me that football fans are treated to free breakfast pizza covered with eggs. The layout is perfect for hosting a game time celebration, as well as a silly group of lunch-timers who were just there to have a beer, scope the place out, and chow on their delicious thin crust pizza. Since I had downed an incredible amount of coffee that morning, visiting the restroom was high on my priority list. The fresh smell of bleach pulled my nose hairs and made me thankful this week's dive pick was up on its toilet sterilization. You could tell the place had been worn in from plenty of use, but I'll be damned if they weren't about to keep that bathroom floor clean. I wondered if I could've eaten my pizza off of it. Hmmmmm ...

LINK: Happy Hour

LINK: Spud's was in the Tournament of Pizza


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