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5310 N.Pearl St
Tacoma,WA 98407-3216
(253) 759-7474

Beer and Wine Only
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Weekly Volcano Review Reviewed by: Steph DeRosa

Yes, the Goldfish Tavern is a dive. I'll cut right to the chase on this one. I think all dive bar fanatics are well aware of this. But the ambiance inside this local fish-themed tavern gives off a sensation of actually sipping cold brews on a beach. It's not the décor, per se, and I can't quite put my finger on it. Maybe the sunny windows? The fact that it's by a large open park - away from the hustle and bustle of Tacoma's thriving metropolis? Or maybe it's the mindset that automatically occurs when you hear the word "goldfish"? Locals talked shop, and the bartender knew everyone's name as they walked in. Eyes were glued to some typical sports show on the TV.  I took it upon myself to test the bartender's sense of humor by asking him if he could change it to "Ellen." He scored points when he was able to laugh it off and not be an ass. Good man. I had heard the 1933-built tavern was up for sale, so I asked our now awesome bartender what the F was up with that. He stated, "It all depends. The owner of the land is different from the owner of the Goldfish Tavern. Whenever the land sells, it sells." Bottom line: Stop in for a quick cold one next time you're in the area. It could be your last chance to carve your illustrious signature in the famed wooden bar top.

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