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410 Fourth Ave. E.
Olympia,WA 98501
(360) 357-9985


Beer and Wine Only, Credit Cards Accepted, Live Music
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Weekly Volcano Review Reviewed by: Steph DeRosa

Honestly, the place looks like a trashy hole as you pass by the front doors.  I'm not gonna lie about that. Still owned by its original founding family, the Eastside Club Tavern has been an Olympia staple since 1942.  I instantly felt the warmth of wooden bar comfort as I planted my bum close to the tavern's cute, friendly bartenders. This place reminds me of what a true tavern should be, and a place I could see myself spending endless hours killing what little brain cells I have left. The Eastside does what it was born to do - serve beer and wine only - and they do it very well.  Their top priority is to serve micro beers from small breweries especially harder to find ales. As I ponder with complete orgasmic excitement over which unique beer I'm going to drink, I ask how I might grab a bite to eat.  Steve the bartender informs me that there is a binder full of local, independently owned restaurant menus that I am more than welcome to bring food in from. As long as it is not from McDonalds or some shit like that, you can bring it in. Better yet, The Eastside has pool tables, wi-fi, ping pong tables, air hockey, trivia, pinball, video games, pay-per-use Internet kiosk, and get this: coin operated laundry.  Did you HEAR ME?  I said: Coin. Operated. Laundry.  Hell yeah!  Now the real question is, when can I move in?

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